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The Robots Are Coming! The Robots Are Coming!

The robots are coming. But they’re not as smart or technologically advanced as we think, says Kate Darling.

Ethics in Practice: Violated Professional Standards or Not? Case for Week of 21 May

Determining whether someone has violated standards of professional conduct is not always black and white. Read on and decide what you think of both analysts’ actions in this week’s case.

Why Everyone Hates Finance, and What to Do about It

"Finance is being demonized, and it's being demonized because people don't understand it," Mihir A. Desai says. "If we want to stop demonization, we have to make it accessible."

Looking for an Asset Management Job in Asia? Time to Measure Up

Be prepared to learn — and more importantly, demonstrate — new career competencies when looking for financial services opportunities in Asia.

Asia Rising: China and India in the Next Decade

China and India will be two of the three largest economies in the world by 2025. But Haiyan Wang says the countries have particular forces to harness and barriers to overcome to realize their full potential.

Top 10 Steven Eisman Quotes from Hong Kong

Steven Eisman delivered an hour's worth of pithy and insightful comments on the global financial crisis, the markets, and the finance industry.

Ethics in Practice: Comment on Facebook Your Responsibility? Case for Week of 14 May and Analysis

New platforms for getting communications out to clients and prospective clients can introduce potential challenges.

Artificial Intelligence-Driven Investing: High Alpha behind the Buzz

Artificial intelligence (AI) may be among the latest buzzwords in finance, but applying it to investment decision making will disrupt the industry and benefit those investors who harness its power, says Dan Philps, CFA.

Risk and Opportunities in Frontier Markets

Some investors find that the chaos inherent in frontier markets offers a chance to profit from molding disorder into order.

Decrypting Earnings Calls with Natural Language Processing

David Pope, CFA, sees natural language process (NLP) as a systematic and sensible way for analysts to review larger amounts of information in less time.