Practical analysis for investment professionals
Book Review: My Value Creation Journey

Bartley J. Madden has produced a book that challenges business leaders and investment professionals to think outside the box systematically to solve difficult problems.

Private Markets’ Governance: A New Era

Now that the SEC Private Fund Adviser rules have been struck down, it's incumbent on the industry to demonstrate how private ordering can work.

The Interplay Between Cap Rates and Interest Rates

What is the relationship between cap rates and interest rates? It's not as straightforward as you may think.

Still Misperceived? A Fresh Look at Bitcoin Volatility

Is Bitcoin considerably more volatile than other asset classes? It's important to approach this question analytically and with an open mind because perceptions do not always match reality.

FX Bubbles: Through the Lens of Shiller and Sornette

The theories and models introduced by Robert Shiller and Didier Sornette are as applicable to the foreign exchange market as they are to the stock market.

Book Review: A Wealth of Well-Being

Finance practitioners can benefit from Meir Statman's challenge to make finance an “afterthought” and spend more time thinking about life well-being.

What’s Your Client’s Optimal Equity Allocation?

Note to investment advisors: You may be overestimating the risks of equities for conservative investors with longer investment horizons.

Gold and Inflation: An Unstable Relationship

While there are periods when gold has hedged inflation quite well, beware blanket claims of gold's inflation-hedging utility.

Monetary Policy and Financial Conditions: Meaningful Relationship?

An analysis of the Fed's recent rounds of quantitative tightening (QT) and quantitative easing (QE) yields actionable insights about the relationship between monetary policy and financial conditions.

Five Quotes from Financial History to Guide Trustees

If you serve as a trustee of an institutional investment plan, these five quotes may help guide your decisions for the benefit of those who depend on your stewardship.

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