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05 February 2013

Take 15: Understanding India’s Economy and Capital Markets: Past, Present, and Future (Video)

Satyajit Das, former banker and author of Traders, Guns and Money and Extreme Money, discusses and assesses India’s recent reform efforts. Das examines the key issues for its economy, its capital markets, and foreign direct investment. Additionally, he discusses the country’s policies from a current and historical perspective compared to China. He also reviews the outlook going forward in light of lessons learned from the global financial crisis.

India has chalked up enviable GDP growth in the recent past. Among the BRICS, India rivaled China during the couple of years after the global financial crisis of 2008. While the rupee and the local stock market experienced heightened volatilities and setbacks in the earlier part of 2012, they appear to be recovering after reforms were proposed in the autumn. Will we be able to see new versions of “India Shining” slogans in the coming years?

For more discussions and analysis of India’s economic and political situation and its prospects for development, check out the following three-part series by Das:

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Samuel Lum, CFA

Samuel Lum, CFA, was director of Private Wealth and Capital Markets at CFA Institute, where he focused on wealth management and capital markets, mainly in an Asia-Pacific context.

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