Behavioral Finance and the “Freudian Put”: An Interview with StockTwits’ Phil Pearlman

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Several days ago we sat down with a man who has his finger on the pulse of the markets better than most, Phil Pearlman, executive editor of StockTwits. Besides that role, Pearlman is also a former hedge fund manager and a clinical psychologist so he is well-qualified to discuss behavioral finance, as well as a concept he is calling the “Freudian Put.” Last, find out what is happening at StockTwits firsthand.

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4 comments on “Behavioral Finance and the “Freudian Put”: An Interview with StockTwits’ Phil Pearlman

  1. Wayne Hale said:

    The market has a spiritual context and tone that lies under the veil of Wall Street antics, which is clearly appreciable.

    A behaviorally driven approach to the market takes one, one step closer that realm.

    • Hello Wayne,

      Given your comment above I think that you would like very much my book, The Intuitive Investor: A Radical Guide for Manifesting Wealth.

      Please continue to read The Enterprising Investor blog for additional behavioral finance content.

      With smiles,

      Jason A. Voss, CFA

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