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10 May 2013

Weekend Reads for Financial Advisors: Emotional Finance and Chaos Theory

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Here, in no particular order, are some articles and resources you may find interesting. Happy reading.


  • It’s always worthwhile getting a peek into Jeremy Grantham’s (sometimes depressing, always sobering) thinking. In his latest latest quarterly letter, Grantham says “our last best hopes” for averting the cliff edge are declining fertility rates and improving technology for alternative energy. (GMO, PDF)
  • Also, I have flagged his before, but if you missed Charlie Rose’s recent interview with Grantham, here it is again. (Charlie Rose)

Behavioral Finance/Behavioral Economics

Retirement/Mutual Fund Fees

China/Bitcoins/Currency Wars

Social Media

And Now For Something Completely Different

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Reads for Financial Advisors: Emotional Finance and Chaos Theory”

  1. Joseph Hutton says:

    Some grizzly readings for the weekend. Wouldn’t you rather read some inspirational stories that are seeking solutions like Taylor Wilson’s new inventions? Could be a game changer in the energy industry.

  2. Oceane Declair says:

    I am wondering about the benefits of finding a financial planner in Wilmington NC? Are they different from financial advisors? I imagine there are many online advisors, but I would rather work with someone face to face.

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