Take 15: The Devaluation of Money and Language (Video)

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Dylan Grice, director of Research at Edelweiss Holdings, explains the unintended consequences and implications of three decades of financial engineering by central bankers.

This episode of the Take 15 Series was originally released on 15 January 2014.

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2 comments on “Take 15: The Devaluation of Money and Language (Video)

  1. I am proud the CFA Institute has taken the bold step to address this. Despite of where we are heading, there are barely a handful of analysts, portfolio managers and economists within the industry who are honest (or smart?) enough to admit there is something drastically wrong with the system and the literature it is based on.

  2. There are a lot going on that barely any analysts, portfolio managers and economists can really tell us what the economic situation would be like in case of another economic catastrophic disaster. Everybody is just waiting on edge hoping, it will never happen.

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