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25 July 2014

Weekend Reads for Global Investors: Apple, Asia, and Ackman

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It has been an eventful couple of weeks. S&P 500 is marching on to the tune of 2,000. Or should we make that iTunes? Apple reported second quarter results this week, and the iPhone was all the rage, especially in BRIC countries. Amazon launched its Amazon Fire phone to not much fanfare. But Xiaomi, a Chinese brand largely unknown outside of the country, got a lot of attention for the debut of its chic and yet affordable Mi4 handset Tuesday.

BRIC countries made headlines last week for launching the BRICs development bank, aptly named the New Development Bank. Should that old development bank take note? Although details are scant, many experts have weighed in with varying opinions from this marks the doom of the US dollar to more cynical views that this is not really going to shake up the world’s financial order any time soon.

In Asia, Indonesia’s election had an official winner Tuesday. All eyes are now on Joko Widodo, the former governor of Jakarta, to see how he will put the largest economy in ASEAN on the fast track. Expectations are probably running high, not unlike what happened in India recently. The Indian stock markets started its run-up before Prime Minister Modi won the election. The election fever has been cooling somewhat since the first budget of the new government was announced in July.

Now let’s take a closer look at these events.

Apple, Amazon Fire, and Xiaomi

BRICS and the New Development Bank



Ackman and Herbalife

Cartoon of the Week

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