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29 July 2014

Tomorrow’s Timber: Identifying Unconventional Investments with Leo de Bever (Video)

When Leo de Bever began his career in the investment industry, timberland and commodities were new and unusual vehicles for institutional investors. These days, they are common holdings in institutional portfolios. At the 2014 Financial Analysts Seminar in Chicago, de Bever emphasized that institutional money managers must identify today’s innovative investments before they become the conventional asset classes of tomorrow.

According to de Bever, pension managers cannot deliver extraordinary investment results with ordinary investment vehicles. Investors must push into the next frontier, and unknown frontiers are uncomfortable. “If a strategy makes your board comfortable,” says de Bever, “it needs updating.”

In this video, de Bever shares his thoughts on updating investment strategies and identifying investment opportunities to capture rewards for being a long-term investor.

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Peter M.J. Gross

Peter M.J. Gross was an online content specialist for CFA Institute, where he has managed blogs for the CFA Institute Annual Conference, European Investment Conference, and Middle East Investment Conference. Previously, he worked at Hampton Roads Publishing Company and at MFS Investment Management. Mr. Gross' articles have been published by Enterprising Investor, City A.M., Seeking Alpha, and The Hook, and his work has been highlighted by Real Clear Markets. He holds a BA degree from Connecticut College.

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