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Can Equal Weight Solve Our Concentration Crisis? Not So Fast…

Mega-cap concentration has exploded since 2015. The corollary to an increasingly top-heavy benchmark is that market diversification and breadth have never been more limited. A multifactor methodology can be a restorative balance to US equities when more traditional measures fall short.

Vanguard’s Former OCIO Clients Must Stand Their Ground

Vanguard's OCIO clients should be wary of the higher-fee active funds and alternative investments that are now open to them.

Book Review: Default

Argentina’s debt restructuring tests the theoretical limits of chaos theory. Gregory Makoff's feat is to build his narrative as a thriller without losing the detailed facts valued by specialists.

Book Review: The New World Economy in 5 Trends

A diligent economist and an eclectic bookworm serve up an analysis of megatrends that will have the greatest impact on economies and investments: innovation, productivity, climate, multiglobalization, debt, and aging.

Equity Income Investing Redux

No doubt the past year has been difficult for equity income investors. But history, inherent biases, mean reversion, and the current market backdrop point to a comeback.

Managing Regret Risk: The Role of Asset Allocation

Regret risk is a quantifiable phenomenon. The answer for some clients may be equally weighted portfolios.

Can the Fed Pull Off a Soft Landing?

The yield curve is inverted, implying an imminent recession, but the stock market is at or near record highs. What can we make of these contradictory signals?

Book Review: The Four Pillars of Investing, Second Edition 

William J. Bernstein provides a comprehensive guide that offers important insights and practical strategies for creating and maintaining a successful investment portfolio.

Plan Sponsor Priorities for 2024: A Seven-Item Checklist

What topics in particular should defined contribution (DC) plan sponsors keep front of mind this year?

Climate Risk and the Future of US Commercial Real Estate

Climate risks and the CRE loan market have many points of intersection that spotlight the urgent need for community and regional banks to recalibrate their risk assessment frameworks.

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