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Alvin Ho, PhD, CFA, is an experienced investment principal with a track record in private equity. He currently splits his time between managing a portfolio of private investments and institutional investing on one end, and handholding start-ups and grown-ups seeking new iterations on the other. In addition, he serves as a board member for listed companies and NGOs and is a member of investment committees for funds and platforms. Previously the legal and executive representative for the local currency funds incorporated in Beijing and Chengdu, Ho was the head of China for a pan-regional private equity growth fund. Ho holds a PhD in finance from the Shanghai University of Economics and Finance and master's degrees from Tsinghua University and London Business School. He has authored three books in Chinese on the economics of sports. He is the chief editor and contributed two essays to Rise from Crises, a publication of CFA Society Hong Kong.

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"If life were unchanging, then options would not be as valuable, but life is always changing, which makes options and the ability to deal with uncertainties very precious." — Myron Scholes

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