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Andreas Haberl conducted this research as a behavioral design analyst at Panthera Solutions. Prior to that, he was a research assistant at Syntoniq — a US behavioral wealthtech firm — and collaborated at London’s Behavioral Science Solutions since 2015, most predominantly as editorial assistant of The Behavioral Economics Guide. He also was a national Argo Scholar in Public Diplomacy at the Embassy of Spain in Australia. Originally, from Germany, Haberl has completed four postgraduate degrees in Spain, England, and Scotland and his background is multidisciplinary and international. Always looking to expand his horizons, he has a special passion for behavioral finance, financial decision making, capital markets, other cultures, and diversity of thought. Currently, Haberl works at one of the world’s largest independent registered investment advisers.

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Causality Techniques in Investment Management: Five Key Findings

What are the most widely used causality tests in the equity markets?

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