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Markus Schuller is the founder and Managing Partner of Panthera Solutions, an asset allocation intelligence consultancy in the Principality of Monaco. He has over fifteen years experience in trading, structuring, and managing alternative investment products. Prior to Panthera Solutions, Schuller worked in executive roles for a L/S Equity Hedge Fund for which he developed the trading algorithm, being one of the first in Europe to fit a HF strategy into a UCITS–compliant structure in 2007. Schuller started his career by working in the banking industry as an equity/derivatives trader and macro analyst. He is a regular speaker at international investment conferences on asset allocation and risk management topics. He also acts as a regular commentary contributor to German/Austrian/Swiss quality media as a financial markets expert. Schuller also teaches financial courses as an adjunct professor courses at the International University of Monaco.

Author's Posts
Ambiguity Tolerance Beats Artificial Intelligence

What can artificial intelligence (AI) do for the investment management industry? What can't it do? Markus Schuller provides his insights.

Survival Strategy: A Learning Investment Team

The less personal the variable to be optimized in an investment process, the lower the resistance. Let's call it "Schuller's Law."

Benchmarking Multi-Asset Portfolios: The Global Capital Stock

How do you know whether a multi-asset portfolio is worth the investment? No policy portfolio benchmark exists against which investors can measure their multi-asset investment strategy. Until now.

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