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Arnold T. Davis

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Arnold T. Davis is an executive at Accenture, Chicago.

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Book Review: Make the Deal

This overview of how merger and acquisition (M&A) deals are structured is primarily for those who understand the business rationale and potential value of a merger or acquisition but have had little exposure to legal concepts that drive the structure and documentation of M&A.

Book Review: The Complete Book of Option Spreads and Combinations

Providing an overview of a number of option-trading strategies, situations in which they may be appropriate, and ways to implement them, this book is geared toward equity investors with limited option-trading experience who are looking to add option-trading strategies to their investing toolkits.

Book Review: The Manual of Ideas: The Proven Framework for Finding the Best Value Investments

This book provides an overview of nine value investing strategies, including why each one is expected to work, the uses and misuses of each, and how to identify specific investment opportunities for each strategy. It is useful for both beginning and experienced value investors.

Book Review: The Entrepreneurial State: Debunking Public vs. Private Sector Myths

In this trailblazing book on the role of government as both a risk-taking funder of innovation and a market creator, Mariana Mazzucato dispels common myths about the state as an inhibitor of economic progress, maintaining that the government has often funded dramatic advances in technologies that have spurred economic progress.

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