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Charles Ellis, CFA

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Charles D. Ellis, CFA, is chair of the Whitehead Institute, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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In Defense of Active Investing

There are benefits to active investing that the narrow focus on “beating the market” continues to miss.

Hard Choices: Where We Are

Charles D. Ellis, CFA, offers a "sensible pathway to an overall resolution" of the US Social Security and retirement crises. Unfortunately, he writes, "there is no happy solution; there is no magic answer."

Lessons on Grand Strategy

Given the multiple dimensions on which investment organizations compete and seek to excel, the present and future leaders of the world’s many investment organizations would not be surprised to find that history’s masters of Grand Strategy — Clausewitz, Sun Tzu, and Mahan — all have important lessons in leadership to share with the leaders of contemporary investment management firms.

Investment Management Fees Are (Much) Higher Than You Think

Although some critics grouse about them, most investors have long thought that investment management fees can best be described in one word: low. Indeed, fees are seen as so low that they are almost inconsequential when choosing an investment manager. This view, however, is a delusion.