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Chetan G. Shah, CFA, is senior portfolio manager at Religare Invesco Asset Management Company in Mumbai.

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Book Review: The FinTech Book

In this book, a wide range of topics in the financial technology (fintech) space — including lending, payments, remittances, capital and investments, compliance, analytics, security, identity, cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, behavioral biometrics, important fintech hubs, collaborations, and the API (application programming interface) economy — are addressed. This cross-discipline, hands-on, and comprehensive compendium can benefit all players within fintech, including investors, entrepreneurs, incumbent institutions, and regulators.

Book Review: Advanced Equity Derivatives

Sébastien Bossu reviews important concepts and recent developments in option pricing and modeling, including the latest generation of equity derivatives: volatility and correlation derivatives. Readers should have some familiarity with basic equity derivatives pricing and advanced mathematics because this book references the Black–Scholes model and other formulas for exotics.

Book Review: Virtual Banking

At the intersection of banking, financial services, and technology, Virtual Banking offers an excellent view of the changes taking place in banking and financial services thanks to changes in consumer behavior and advances in Internet and mobile banking. If banks do not adapt, they run the risk of becoming irrelevant to their customers.

Book Review: The Little Book of Venture Capital Investing

Louis C. Gerken recounts the venture capital industry’s evolution and describes its internal processes, from initial screening to due diligence to the signing of agreements. He also lists the firms that are active at the various stages of venture capital financing and discusses alternative forms of venture capital funding.

Book Review: Recursive Models of Dynamic Linear Economies

The authors build various versions of a wide range of models from modern capital market theory and asset pricing theory. Using the book’s formulas and algorithms, professionals with a deep background in economics and econometrics could soon be devising their own new models.

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