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Daniel Fang, CFA, is a vice president at The Northern Trust Company, Chicago and senior quantitative research analyst responsible for quantitative equity, fixed income and multi-asset strategy research, design, and development. Fang has worked in quantitative finance since 2009 and specializes in quantitative research, portfolio management. and risk modeling. Prior to joining Northern Trust, Fang was a research analyst at Nuveen Investments where he co-managed two income funds and worked on asset valuation and asset allocation research. Prior to Nuveen, he spent four years at Allstate Investments as a quantitative researcher focused on asset allocation, derivative modelling, and risk management. Fang started his career in finance at Group One Trading, a CBOE designated option trading firm in Chicago. He has a master's degree in financial mathematics from the University of Chicago and a BA degree in hydraulic engineering from Tsinghua University, China. Fang also studied in a doctoral program in civil engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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Does Bond Market Data Yield Equity Alpha?

Equity portfolios constructed using bond momentum signals may outperform their traditional equity price momentum counterparts.

Conservatism: De-Risking the Profitability Factor

By combining Profitability and Conservatism, we can reduce a portfolio's downside risk and enhance its risk-adjusted returns over the long run.

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