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Dougal Williams, CFA

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Dougal Williams, CFA, is chief investment officer of Vista Capital Partners in Portland, Oregon. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Oregon, with honors, with BAs in economics and Spanish. Williams is a former board president and current member of CFA Society Portland.

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Three Investing Lessons from My Mom

Plan for the unexpected. Get comfortable with losing. Enjoy the journey. Dougal Williams, CFA, shares some valuable investing advice from an unlikely source.

Beat the Field by Shooting Par

"What if, instead of trying to beat the market, investors focused on outperforming other investors by earning investing’s equivalent to par?" asks Dougal Williams, CFA.

O Value, Where Art Thou?

Value stocks have underperformed growth stocks for over a decade. How can this be? Aren’t value stocks supposed to deliver higher returns than growth stocks?