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Filip Mardjokic, CFA, works at an investment fund in New York where he is member of the strategy and analytics team and sits on the economics and equity committees. He holds a BA in economics and political science from New York University.

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Gold’s Selloff a Bad Omen for Equity Markets

Filip Mardjokic, CFA, states that "the bulls remain firmly in control of the market because the Fed continues to control the money supply, and as long as it is injecting liquidity, the equity markets will remain the bond markets’ floodplain."

Looking Forward: Risks in the Year Ahead

Filip Mardjokic, CFA, offers some views into where consensus on the market forecast is forming and discusses some of the risks on which these forecasts are predicted.

Pushing on a String

Federal Reserve policy has substantial effects that are important for investors to understand, and future policy direction may be different than expected. 

Being riskless (by that I mean holding government securities) simply doesn’t pay anymore, and markets are starting to… READ MORE ›

The Dividend Yield Cliff

Investors clamor for income, but receiving it through dividends may be riskier than you think.

A number of well-respected money managers have recommended dividend-paying stocks as a smart way to invest in equity markets. Dividends pad returns, cushion downside risk,… READ MORE ›

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