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Laurel Teo, CFA, was director of society advocacy engagement at CFA Institute. She worked with member societies in the Asia-Pacific region to advance awareness and adoption of CFA Institute ethics and standards, as well as policy positions on financial market integrity issues.

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Winners of Brexit: Will London Be Supplanted by Other Finance Hubs?

Will London's status as a financial capital be threatened by the United Kingdom's recent Brexit vote? If so, which global financial centers stand to gain the most from the City's loss? We polled readers of CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief to find out.

India’s Infrastructure Investments: Huge Opportunities but No Takers

It’s no secret that big economies poised for rapid growth need robust infrastructure. Without the latter’s proper support, expansion will slow or worse, stall. This need is especially acute in India, where infrastructure development has lagged woefully behind that of the economy. With such pressing demand, there have been plenty of projects up for bidding. But investors are not biting.

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