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Nataliia Pelykh, CFA, has built a distinctive background on the edge of finance and technology. Currently, she is a lead business analyst at Ciklum, a global digital solutions company serving Fortune 500 companies and other fast-growing organizations around the world. She was previously a business analyst at SoftServe, a technology company specializing in consultancy services and software development. The main focus of her work has been large fintech projects for global companies in Europe and the United States. Before entering the digital industry, she was a valuation and business modeling analyst at EY. Nataliia is an active CFA Society member and speaker.

Author's Posts
On-Demand Pay: Is It Here to Stay?

The pandemic has spurred the development of Employer Salary Advance Schemes (ESAS), or on-demand pay.

Fintechs in a Post-COVID 19 World: Targeting Gen Z?

How fintechs appeal to Gen Z now will have a lasting, maybe a defining impact.

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