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Robert Gowen, CFA, was Head of Product Solutions at CFA Institute, where he oversaw a team of content directors that contribute daily. Prior to joining CFA Institute, he worked in the institutional investment industry for BB&T and Fidelity Investments. Gowen earned a BA in economics from Washington University in St. Louis and an MBA from the Darden School at the University of Virginia.

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Chinese Government Bonds: The Elephant in the Room

China’s government fixed-income market constitutes a US $12-trillion opportunity, according to Emil Nguy.

C. Thomas Howard: “View the Markets as They Are”

C. Thomas Howard, an opponent of the efficient markets hypothesis, advocates for a radical departure from the idea of diversification at the core of a healthy portfolio.

Poll: Will the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect Be a Transformational Breakthrough in Opening China’s Capital Markets?

We asked CFA Institute NewsBrief readers whether the stock connect program represents a "transformational breakthrough" in opening China's capital markets.

Poll: Are Market Movements Best Explained by EMH or Behavioral Finance — or Both?

Are financial markets efficient or not? This simple question has motivated thousands of pages of research with no concrete conclusion.

Trust: The Core of Client Relationship Management

Lim How, the author of two books about motivation, discussed the challenges investment professionals face when building trust with clients and co-workers.

Securities Research: What Every Sell-Side Analyst Should Know

Consultant Jeremy Bolland offers some simple tips for managing and mitigating the risks associated with writing and publishing research reports.

Aswath Damodaran: Valuation in the Face of Uncertainty

The NYU professor applies a common-sense, mathematical approach to challenge general “rules of thumb” of valuation while still using accepted methodologies, such as the discounted cash flow model.

Search for Stability: Regulation, Reform, and the Role of Monetary Policy

Former U.S. Federal Reserve Bank governor Randall Kroszner says that the best preparation for any economic crisis is knowing history.

Take 15: The Risk Factors and Economic Impact behind Commercial and Sovereign Debt

Stephen G. Cecchetti discusses commercial bank leverage, calculating risk weightings, and the long-term effects of excessive sovereign debt.

Take 15: A Sociologist’s View on Credit Derivatives

Donald MacKenzie gives a sociologist’s perspective on the capital markets and discusses how cultural differences within firms can create valuation discrepancies. Professor MacKenzie also discusses the role of sociology in risk management.