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Rodney Sullivan, CFA, is former head of publications at CFA Institute and editor of the Financial Analysts Journal. He was previously director of research at Trigon Healthcare, Inc. (now Anthem Healthcare, Inc.), where he oversaw portfolio strategy and execution that included asset allocation, risk analytics, and equity and fixed-income portfolio management. He holds a BS and an MA from Virginia Commonwealth University.

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The Year’s Best Financial Writing: Graham and Dodd Awards of Excellence for 2012

The Graham and Dodd Awards recognize excellence in financial writing and honor Benjamin Graham and David L. Dodd for their enduring contributions to the field of financial analysis.

Rebalancing Global Trade: There is No Quick Fix

That global trade imbalances matter has been made abundantly clear by the ongoing global economic malaise. The likely path to more sustainable levels of trade deficits, however, remains far less clear.

Global Trade Imbalances Matter

A continuation of the sovereign debt crises of countries with large and rising trade deficits is not necessarily a fait accompli, but mitigation of the impact of these trade imbalances requires more than aggressive monetary policy alone.

Deploying Financial Emotional Intelligence

Emotions can influence financial decisions in surprisingly predictable ways. We tend to be overconfident in our own knowledge and decisions, we extrapolate recent trends while dismissing the past, we refuse to accept losses gracefully by hanging on to our… READ MORE ›

Ahead of Print: Articles from the November/December FAJ

Articles from the upcoming issue of Financial Analysts Journal include: Active Management in Mostly Efficient Markets; Trading Relative Performance with Alpha Indexes; and more.

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