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Will Ortel has worked in investment management since 2006 and joined CFA Institute in 2010.

Ethics Statement

I try to see the world in its particularity and convey my curiosity clearly. I hope you think I do this in a fair and transparent way, and invite you to write me if you feel otherwise (or just want to say hello).

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What to Call Your Fund

Can luck be multiplied through language? Picking a name for your firm that is both pronounceable and memorable would seem to play some role in the overall success of your effort. After all, you are unlikely to be the only game in town.

Weekend Reads: Funny Computers

How far are computers from authoring (and understanding) authentically funny jokes? Will Ortel explains in this week's edition of Weekend Reads.

Finding Faith in Value after All These Years

The appearance of a new valuation paradigm awakens childhood fears in Will Ortel, who parses them with the help of the Annual Ben Graham Value Investing Conference IV.

Weekend Reads: Classic Papers for Lasting Learning

This weekend, Will Ortel invites readers to learn something that will last with the help of Google’s recently released Classic Papers feature.

Weekend Reads: Getting Better with Age

Wisdom from John Bogle, a look at cryptocurrencies, and an exploration of the state of farmland in the United States are among the topics covered in this week's Weekend Reads from Will Ortel.

Weekend Reads: Just Write

Will Ortel offers tips to help you become a better writer, plus selections on Arthur C. Clarke, workarounds, and more, in the latest edition of Weekend Reads.

Weekend Reads: Adapting to India

Will Ortel provides some insight from India and curates other selections on the importance of words, the slippery slope of non-GAAP earnings numbers, how to determine poverty and unemployment, and much more, in this week's edition of Weekend Reads.

What’s the Difference between Emerging and Frontier Markets?

Labels like "emerging" and "frontier" market are not sociological in the least. Applied by the FTSE and MSCI on behalf of global investors, they concern only the investability of a market. But how can we break down such broad terms? To find out, we polled readers of CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief to see what they thought most distinguishes an emerging from a frontier market.

Weekend Reads: Seeing with Bad Data, Hyping History, And a Few Charts

“The West Wing,” cartography, and some lessons from India are just some of the topics covered in this week's edition of Weekend Reads by Will Ortel.

Secret Taxes for Financial Untouchables

Well over half of unbanked Americans cite not having enough money as the reason they have not opened a bank account. Substantial fees are one of the culprits. If you think wealth creation is good and want it to happen, freeing the unbanked where you find them is an obvious step, says Will Ortel.

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