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Sloane Ortel has worked in investment management since 2006 and joined CFA Institute in 2010.

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Special Report: Is Corporate India Healthy?

As we continue our special coverage of India, it becomes important to ask the obvious: How are Indian companies doing?

India’s Importance Abroad: The Rise of the Indian Diaspora

Anita Raghavan discusses her book The Billionaire's Apprentice.

Special Report: What is India, and what is its Future?

Sunil Singhania, CFA, speaks on India's importance.

Meet The Hedge Fund Manager Who Asks: Why Are You Not Indexing?

Do you really think that you are good enough to beat the market? If not, Lars Kroijer explains how you can invest simply in low-cost alternatives. It's easier, cheaper, and for many investors, likely to produce better results.

What is Good Research? Our Interview With Tom Brakke, CFA

Tom Brakke, CFA, states that good research, good due diligence in general, means looking for differential information and approaching the problem in different ways.

Are You Sure Your Money is Worth Anything? Our Interview with Paul Brodsky (Podcast)

In a two-part podcast, Paul Brodsky discusses the shift in the way we exchange and store value.

An Hour with Mike Mayo, Part 2

Mike Mayo, CFA, discusses the peculiar nature of growth in financial companies.

An Hour with Mike Mayo: Part 1 (Podcast)

A conversation with Mike Mayo about how investors should analyze financial institutions, the present state of the industry, and the surprising tack he adopted to gain access to company management. Also discussed are some of the topics he raises in his book, such as the accountability of the banks, their governance structures, and the role that they have played in economic history.

Is China Coming Off the Rails? (Podcast)

Will what is happening in China push the Chinese economy over the edge? What we can expect to happen in the future, and how will the market evolve?

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