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There Is No Single Formula for Success

What is the recipe for success? Whatever the precise combination of ingredients, most would say that hard work is a critical component. But is it the only one? The most important one? For insight on these questions, we asked readers of CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief how much hard work and diligence contributed to their success. Read more


How to Convert Your Work into Your Passion

Kal Ghayur, CFA, discusses the importance of self-awareness as a career navigation tool, how to align one’s values with career management choices, the dangers of mis-fit risk, the process by which work can potentially be made more fun, and the motivation that drove him to write Career Success: Navigating the New Work Environment, with Dwight D. Churchill, CFA. Read more


Weekend Reads: Pulitzers, Papyri, and “Good Enough” Parenting

Weekend Reads: Pulitzers, Papyri, and "Good Enough" Parenting

Over the past few years, scores of remarkable stories have come to light thanks to the dogged efforts of investigative journalists. Lauren Foster highlights several of those in the latest Weekend Reads, among them the unbelievable saga of a “hotly contested, supposed ancient manuscript” and a Pulitzer-winning investigation of slavery and other abuses in the fishing industry of Southeast Asia. Read more

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