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How to Recontextualize Your World View to Understand Information: Futurist David Houle (Video)

David Houle, author of Entering the Shift Age, discusses some of the techniques he shares with CEOs for recontextualizing their world view.

Career Conversations: Informational Interviews (Podcast)

Patty Buchek, assistant dean for MBA Career Curricula at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, explains why informational interviewing is one of her very favorite career management tools and how to do it well.

How Do You Find the Elusive Happiness at Work? (Video)

Is happiness at work important to you? I’m guessing the answer is yes. It probably is very important. After all, we spend so much of our life working. But after a weekend, do you feel excited about going to… READ MORE ›

Take 15: The Future of the MBA: Financial Professionals in a Changing World (Video)

Robert F. Bruner, Dean of the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia, discusses the evolution of the MBA program. Dean Bruner focuses on the changing perspectives of students towards education and employment, while explaining what recruiters and employers can come to expect out of MBA graduates in the 21st century that may not have been the case in the past.

Soft Skills for Finance: Tools for Decoding Your Personality and Work Style

Most New Year's resolutions are doomed to fail. Why not resolve instead to learn who you are and what makes you tick — warts and all?

Career Conversations: Formulas for a Successful Resume (Podcast)

A new year always affords us a great opportunity to review the documents we use to market ourselves, such as a resume or CV. This interview with professional resume writer Jared Redick provides some powerful tips for improving one's resume.

Career Conversations: Personal Branding (Podcast)

Leadership and branding coach Simon Vetter shares insights on personal branding. A strong, positive personal brand is necessary to distinguish yourself and your career in today's world of work.

The “Softer” Side of Finance: My Top Articles from 2012

Heather Packard rounds up her favorite articles from 2012 on soft skills and career development.

Career Conversations: Persuasion (Podcast)

Seasoned sales and communication coach Paul Donehue argues that persuasion is much more powerful (and effective) than a command approach.

Soft Skills for Finance: The Power of Influence

What does the word "influence" mean to you? Businesses are increasingly moving towards flat and/or matrix organizational structures and valuing and encouraging collaboration and interdependencies across work groups. The ability to influence in all directions and across all types of relationships is also likewise becoming increasingly important. In this brave new world, influence doesn't simply mean achieving a specific outcome you desire but rather collaborating effectively with and leading others collectively towards commitment, outcomes, and change.

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