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An Emotional Finance Approach to Fund Management: Stress-Coping Mechanisms

The practice of money management involves many intense stresses that can lead fund managers to develop emotional coping mechanisms that work against performance.

Take 15: The Value of Constructive Dissonance (Video)

John Linehan, CFA, head of U.S. equities and portfolio manager at T. Rowe Price, describes his firm’s investment philosophy and the value of “constructive dissonance,” and discusses why maintaining a global perspective is more important than ever.

The Case of Empresas la Polar: Encouraging Whistleblowers Can Serve a Firm’s Interest

The largest corporate fraud in Chilean history offers a cautionary tale not only about improper accounting and misleading financial statements but also about the importance of implementing an organizational culture that encourages employees to take action when they observe unethical behavior.

Take 15: Analyst Risks and Pitfalls: Best Practices for Investment Research (Video)

Jeremy Bolland, author of Writing Securities Research: A Best Practice Guide, discusses the best practices for banks, brokerages, and research analysts for the production and dissemination of investment research, as well as the regulatory landscape in the Asia Pacific region.

Untangling the Ethics of Incentives: Interview with Ruth W. Grant

Despite an environment in which many financial market commentators and investors are questioning the size and structure of incentives, there is a shocking lack of new insight about their uses and abuses. In fact, many fault incentives for amplifying the global financial crisis and hindering the ongoing recovery. Enter Dr. Ruth W. Grant, whose 2011 book, "Strings Attached: Untangling the Ethics of Incentives," delivers a refreshingly novel perspective on this important subject.

Five Key Strategies for Building Trust with Your Clients

Jamie Ziegler, cofounder of the consulting firm AUM Partners, offers five practical tips for learning how to better communicate, build, and demonstrate trust with clients, peers, and colleagues.

Lie Detection for Investment Professionals: A Summary of Lying and Deceit Behaviors

Jason Voss, CFA, provides a summary of the major research about lying and deceit behaviors, including a brief overview of dozens of research papers.

Generating Investment Ideas: Interview with Futurist David Houle

Investing results unfold in the future, yet many investors spend all of their time analyzing facts. What can a leading futurist teach investors about forecasting?

Emanuel Derman: The Discrepancies between Models and Behavior (Video Interview)

In part two of this video interview, Emanuel Derman reflects on the trajectory of his own career and discusses the books that helped shape his thinking.

The Calvin Coolidge Approach to Saving America from Debt and Insanity: Just Say No!

Politics is all about saying "yes." But in an era of high debt and low growth, American history affords at least two interesting counterexamples: Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge, former Republican U.S. presidents who improved the country's fortunes largely by saying "no."

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