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Innovative Research into Structured Credit Products (Podcast)

Asset-backed securities have been subject to heated debate since the financial crisis, but William F. Maxwell says that even though “so much of the financial crisis revolved around these asset-backed securities, . . . there’s almost no information out there on how these different products actually trade.”

Poll: Does High-Frequency Trading Do More Harm Than Good?

High-frequency trading (HFT) accounts for more than half of equity trades in the United States and represents a growing share of traded volume in Europe and Asia. Although there is no sole definition of HFT, it is often thought of as proprietary trading done through powerful IT hardware and programs to get an edge in order execution over very short time intervals.

myRA Retirement Plans: Everything You Need to Know

As if we didn’t have enough acronyms in financial services, this week we added a new one: “myRA” — which stands for “my Retirement Account.” As Marketplace explained in a READ MORE ›

Soft Skills for Finance: Books That Inspire

As my colleague aptly put it, "the more well-rounded you are, the better you are as a financial professional." In a similar vein, I share with you a few books that have both informed and inspired my leadership philosophy.

How to Integrate ESG Considerations into Investments

How do you actually integrate ESG considerations in investment decision making? To answer this question, we interviewed Jeroen Bos, CFA, who is the head of Global Equity Research at ING Investment Management.

Poll: Do Central Banks Reduce or Increase Systemic Risk?

On the one hand, the Fed's actions in the early 2000s stimulated the credit bubble. On the other hand, its interventions in late 2008 and 2009 undeniably kept the crisis from collapsing the economy. Perhaps this explains why 50% of the 786 poll respondents believe that central banks curtail systemic risk, on balance.

13F Watch: Latest Portfolio Moves by Buffett, Einhorn, Klarman and Others

A review of the aggregate SEC Form 13F filings for the third quarter of 2012 revealed that US institutional investors added to their holdings in energy and financial stocks, and reduced their exposure to the industrials and consumer staples sectors.

The Canadian Model: Ontario Teachers’ Turns Pension Investing on its Head

Three key insights on successful pension fund investing from Institutional Investor magazine's profile of the C$117 billion Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan.

Weekend Reading for Equity Investors: Focusing on Fundamentals

Equity investors liked what they heard from central bankers Mario Draghi and Ben Bernanke earlier this month and have pushed most global indices higher. Chinese stocks, coping with a steady flow of skepticism and negative economic news, have been a notable exception. Looking ahead, as corporate earnings come back into focus, bullish sentiment may very well fade without meaningful signs of a sustained economic recovery.

Optimizing the Investment Process: Michael Mauboussin’s Strategies for Making Decisions under Uncertainty

At the recent CFA Society of the UK Annual Conference in London, Michael Mauboussin, chief investment officer at Legg Mason Capital Management, laid out some best practices, including paying attention to process versus outcome, having the odds in one’s favor, and understanding the role of time.

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