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Book Review: Poor Charlie’s Almanack

The rerelease of Charlie Munger’s bountiful wit and wisdom is a celebration of nearly a century of success and deserves to be at the top of our reading lists.

Book Review: Plunder

Brendan Ballou presents a meta-analysis of the worst of private equity investment practices, thus compelling investors to take a deeper look into their illiquid private equity commitments.

Book Review: These Are the Plunderers

The PE playbook is always the same: Borrow money to acquire the firm, saddle it with debt, and extract exorbitant management fees.

Weekend Reads: John le Carré, Type A Personalities, and Fancy-Pants Words

The Human Cell Atlas, The Art of Rivalry, cocktail nuggets, and “the pre-eminent spy writer of the 20th century" are among the subjects explored in the latest Weekend Reads from Lauren Foster.

Weekend Reads: The Favorite Books Edition

This latest edition of Weekend Reads addresses the question of what to read and whether it will help you avoid the "pot-belly of ignorance." With the assistance of a few fellow Enterprising Investor authors and readers, Susan Hoover presents a list of interesting books to peruse.

Weekend Reads: How to Profit from a Crisis

Will Ortel summarizes three books that each offer its own flavor of apocalyptic investing and compiles a number of other articles to get you through the weekend.

Book Review: Wall Street Research

The story of sell-side security analysis is still unfolding, but for an up-to-date account, this book serves the reader extremely well. The authors provide illuminating examples of recent innovations in the production and distribution of research and offer valuable insight by applying economic models in novel ways.

Innovative Writings on Innovation

So many questions and opinions and even passions swirl around the topic of innovation. Here are five books on the subject.

Book Review: Virtual Banking

At the intersection of banking, financial services, and technology, Virtual Banking offers an excellent view of the changes taking place in banking and financial services thanks to changes in consumer behavior and advances in Internet and mobile banking. If banks do not adapt, they run the risk of becoming irrelevant to their customers.

Powerful Books That Shaped My Thinking

In recent months, the contributors to this blog have been sharing lists of books that changed the way they think about the world or READ MORE ›

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