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Career Conversations

Career Mobility for the Future Starts Now

With expectations for average working years extending from 30 to 50 and beyond, we have to be comfortable with sweeping career changes. This is not just due to evolving external factors, but also because our interests, values, and search for meaning will evolve over the span of our working lives. These were among the key takeaways Tracey Wilen emphasized during a Career Conversations interview with Julia VanDeren.

Is a Leadership Role Right for You?

You are the only one responsible for deciding the course of your career, so it is important that you think carefully about whether moving into a leadership or people-management role is right for you.

Insights from a Recruiter

When is the right time to reach out to a recruiter? If you are being recruited for a particular job, how long can you realistically expect the process to take? Debra Brown, a New York-based recruiter for Russell Reynolds’s asset and wealth management practice, sheds some light on these and other questions and offers career management advice tailored specifically for investment professionals.

Why Personal Branding Matters to Your Career Now

Personal branding is not new, but it has taken on a distinct buzz in the past few years. Like networking and most other career management strategies, personal branding can be most impactful if you start doing it well before you need to.

Tips for Building Relational Equity (Video)

Career coach Paula Fitzgerald Boos offers helpful tips on improving your networking ability.

Career Conversations: Informational Interviews (Podcast)

Patty Buchek, assistant dean for MBA Career Curricula at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, explains why informational interviewing is one of her very favorite career management tools and how to do it well.

Career Conversations: Formulas for a Successful Resume (Podcast)

A new year always affords us a great opportunity to review the documents we use to market ourselves, such as a resume or CV. This interview with professional resume writer Jared Redick provides some powerful tips for improving one's resume.

Career Conversations: Personal Branding (Podcast)

Leadership and branding coach Simon Vetter shares insights on personal branding. A strong, positive personal brand is necessary to distinguish yourself and your career in today's world of work.

Career Conversations: Persuasion (Podcast)

Seasoned sales and communication coach Paul Donehue argues that persuasion is much more powerful (and effective) than a command approach.

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