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Debt and Inflation Fears: Investing’s Obsolete Dogmas?

In economics and investing, some concepts have become indistinguishable from articles of faith.

Interest Rates, the Fed, and Inflation’s New Normal

If new disinflationary pressures are left unaccounted for, inflation, holding all else equal, will remain subdued, and the pace of rising rates will be slower than was expected by either the market or the Fed.

Introducing the Unterest Rate

Let's stop saying "negative interest rates" and come up with a new word for a new phenomenon.

Two Views on the QE Endgame: Avinash Persaud and Richard Duncan

At the recent CFA Institute India Investment Conference in Mumbai, attendees were presented with two very different perspectives on quantitative easing.

Why You Need to Own Japanese Equities

Daniel Kim, CFA, discusses how you should interpret all of the glamour and hype over the Japan’s current economic rebound and high aspirations of political reform.

Are You Sure Your Money is Worth Anything? Our Interview with Paul Brodsky (Podcast)

In a two-part podcast, Paul Brodsky discusses the shift in the way we exchange and store value.

Poll: What Effect Will Japan’s New Fiscal and Monetary Policies Have?

In a poll conducted earlier this week, we asked readers whether they thought the fiscal- and monetary-policy initiatives being undertaken by Japan's new government will lead the country out of the deflationary and slow-growth environment that has persisted for the past two decades.

Poll: Will Masaaki Shirakawa Succeed in Overcoming Persistent Deflation by Engineering Mild Inflation?

In a poll conducted earlier this week in the CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief, we asked professional investors whether the Bank of Japan can overcome persistent deflation by engineering mild inflation.

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