Practical analysis for investment professionals


Emotions and Decision Making: Five Steps to Improve Your Process

The best defense against bad decisions is to fire up our System 2 thinking.

Howard Marks, CFA: Getting the Odds on Your Side

What are two of the most important things an investor needs to do to succeed? Howard Marks, CFA, offered his perspective.

Weekend Reads: The Call of the Void

It turns out there are some very precise words for some very strange emotions. Lauren Foster provides a rundown and curates other selections on the Oscars, agnotology, or the purposeful propagation of ignorance, and much more, in Weekend Reads.

Feeling Machines: The Emotional Cost of Buying and Selling

There are unavoidable constraints that burden our investment decision making and carry with them inherent emotional costs. But what kind of investment decision is the most emotionally difficult? We asked readers of CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief which they found the most taxing.

Decision Making under Pressure

What's the best process for making decisions? Should we emphasize intuition and emotion? Or should we focus on data, analytics, and the hard numbers? Erika James of Emory University offers her insight.

Designing Portfolios: Seven Key Investment Principles to Help Keep Clients on Track

Client emotions can swing from fear to greed (and from hysteria to elation). Ron Florance, CFA, former deputy chief investment officer at Wells Fargo, outlines seven key principles that can help you convince clients to stay the course.

What the Lottery Has to Teach Us about Investing

Probably no other phenomenon presents a greater challenge to the model of Homo economicus — and better examples of the complicated relationship we humans have with money — than this: Last year, the American public spent about $69 billion of their hard-earned money on lottery tickets, even though each individual's chance of winning is infinitesimal.

Practical Investment Decision-Making Tips from Neuroscience (Video)

ReThink Group's Denise Shull advises Wall Street traders and investor on how to apply the latest finding from neuroscience to their work.

Behavioral Finance in Practice: Closing the “Behavior Gap”

So what exactly is the behavior gap? It's what happens when we let emotion get in the way of smart financial decisions. In other words, it's the distance between what we should do and what we actually do.

Leadership Roundup: Leaders and Leadership in the News

Leadership-related news in March seemed to disprove the old adage “in like a lion, out like a lamb.” It was definitely an interesting month.

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