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Beware the Bubble? The US Stock Market Cap-to-GDP Ratio

The Buffett Indicator is flashing red and has been for a while now.

Book Review: The New Stock Market

The New Stock Market is a truly impressive achievement.

Smart Beta vs. Alpha + Beta

Can we create a simple and clean equity portfolio by separating alpha from beta?

Leveraging Active Investing with Small-Cap Stocks

Elizabeth M. Lilly, CFA, thinks that small-cap stock investing is an excellent way to leverage active management. If you do the research.

Investment Strategies amid Uncertainty

“What do you do in today’s market?” Three panelists addressed that question in a discussion at the CFA Institute Alpha and Gender Diversity Conference. Susan Hoover provides a synopsis.

Women and Millennials: What Do They Want?

Knowing our clients is the best way to retain them, especially when it comes to women and millennials, who together represent over 60% of the adult population, says Barbara Stewart, CFA.

Gauging Market Sentiment: Selling Greed Is Harder Than Buying Fear

Where do we stand today from a market sentiment perspective? And how does one assimilate sentiment and crowd psychology and use it to make informed, intelligent investment decisions? Greg Blotnick, CFA, explains.

High-Conviction Short Sales: Empathy for the Bull

The best short sellers share one key personality trait: empathy, or the ability to put themselves in their counterparty’s shoes, says Greg Blotnick, CFA. Before initiating any short position, make sure to know the answer to the three questions he poses.

Can the Low-Risk Anomaly Be Exploited?

Dr. Benjamin R. Auer discusses why he and Frank Schuhmacher decided to study the low-risk anomaly and what their investigations revealed, in an interview with Abby Farson Pratt of the Financial Analysts Journal.

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