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Top 10 Posts from 2018: Chart Crimes, Political Divides, AI, and the Skill Ratio

What Enterprising Investor articles most resonated with readers this year? The results offer an illuminating look into the forces that shaped finance in 2018.

The Seven Kinds of Asset Owner Institutions

There's never been a better time to be an end investor. Thomas Brigandi and Sloane Ortel explore the seven kinds of asset owner organizations that are shaping the market.

Take 15: Dodd Frank Act: A New Paradigm for Family Offices (Video)

David Guin, a partner at Withers Bergman LLP, discusses the implications of the SEC’s new definition of family offices and explains what a good compliance policy should look like.

The Norway Model: Lessons for Private Wealth Management

What can wealthy private investors and their financial advisers learn from a largely unknown but gigantic Norwegian sovereign wealth fund? According to "Yale Versus Norway," a white paper published earlier this month by Greycourt, an independent investment adviser serving wealthy families and select institutions, the Government Pension Fund Global, as the Norwegian fund is officially known, may be more "simpatico" with family investors than the so-called Yale Model of endowment investing.

Rethinking the Wealth Management Model for Serving Asian Family Businesses

In a region that is dominated by family enterprises, wealth managers and trust service providers must focus on the often overlooked challenges of family governance.

Whither the Single-Family Office? New Rules Redefine Family Offices

We are just two months shy of the deadline for the SEC’s new rules on family offices, which could shake up the way the ultra wealthy manage their affairs and prompt some consolidation in the industry.

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