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Do the Best Equity Fund Managers Follow the Bond Market?

A fund family's success with bond funds may not translate to the equity side of the ledger.

Decision Attribution: Portfolio Manager Skill vs. Past Performance

As portfolio managers, being able to show our investors — with data-driven evidence — that we know exactly what we are good at and the steps we are taking to improve goes a long way.

Manager Selection: The Power of Payoff

The most important portfolio manager skill metric is often overlooked.

Bestinver: How to Deal with the Departure of Your Star Manager

Francisco García Paramés, dubbed the Warren Buffett of Europe for the stellar returns of his flagship fund Bestinfond, has been the subject of considerable interest for a while now. Last September, Paramés broke up with his long-time employer, the Entrecanales family, for reasons which neither of the parties has fully disclosed.

Choosing Investment Managers: A Guide for Institutional Investors

Many institutions, even the large, sophisticated plan sponsors, end up buying high and selling low when it comes to hiring investment managers. How can that be?

Poll: Should Fund Managers Be Required to Disclose Their Holdings Every Quarter?

In a recent poll conducted in the CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief, we asked readers, “Should fund managers be required to disclose their portfolio holdings on a quarterly basis?" Nearly 77% of the 737 global respondents think fund managers should be required to disclose their portfolio holdings on a quarterly basis, while about 23% of respondents don’t believe managers should have to reveal their positions every three months.

Do Returns Matter More When You Watch? The Reason to “Monitor” A Fund Before Investing

Alon Bochman, CFA, discusses whether or not returns matter more when an investor is watching.

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