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Energy Markets and Musical Chairs

Ten years ago, we thought the world was running out of oil, that China and other emerging market countries would have insatiable energy demand growth, and that production costs would generally rise over time. We were wrong. Energy expert Amy Myers Jaffe explains why.

Amid Low Oil Prices, MENA Charts a Way Forward

New drivers of economic growth, transitioning away from oil production, and increasing entrepreneurship and the growth of small and medium enterprises were focal points at the 2016 Middle East Investment Conference.

The Return of Geopolitics: “Markets Hate Uncertainty”

Willis Sparks of the Eurasia Group discussed the potential effects of geopolitics as a market influencer in his presentation to the CFA Institute Middle East Investment Conference in Bahrain.

How Much Value Has the Energy Industry Destroyed?

Energy companies lost 35% of investors’ money from the end of 2013 to early 2016. Were there common and objective industry “red flags” that could have been spotted in advance and thus disastrous investments averted?

Is Privatization in the Future of GCC Countries?

Privatization appears to be slowly rearing its head in the Middle East again, mostly in the economic plans of the GCC countries and in Egypt. To be clear, this is not because attitudes have changed. Divestment from state-owned enterprises is seen as a last resort in the Gulf countries in light of the fiscal tightening.

Sergio Marchionne Has Seen the Auto Industry’s Future: He’s Not Interested

Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne is making a one-way bet on cheap gas. This strategy has earned a fair degree of ridicule, but Marchionne may be onto something.

Lifting the US Oil Export Ban

For the first time in some 40 years, there is the real potential for the United States to re-enter the oil export market. With this in mind, we asked our esteemed CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief readers, "Do you think the United States potentially lifting its oil-export ban will have a meaningful impact on future oil prices?"

US to Declare Energy Independence by 2017?

To the surprise of most investors, oil prices have been caught in the downward plunge of a treacherous roller-coaster ride recently.

Weekend Reads for Global Investors: Oil Economics, Emerging Markets, and Some Lighter Fare

Where will oil price go from here? And how will it affect the global economy, markets, and investors' nest eggs? We have curated some expert views on this and more in this edition of Weekend Reads for Global Investors.

Poll: Is the Oil Price Plunge a Cyclical or Structural Change?

Global oil prices have plunged by approximately 50% over the past seven months, their sharpest price drop since the 2008 global financial crisis. The sudden fall can be attributed to a confluence of factors — most notably, weaker demand because of sluggish economies around the world, a surge in supply because of the shale energy boom in the United States, and a relatively stable geopolitical backdrop (insofar as there have been no meaningful supply disruptions).

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