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The Ruble Crisis: Where Oil Goes, the Ruble Follows

The present Russian ruble crisis has drawn many references in the media to the Russian sovereign debt default of 1998. But just how similar or different is the situation today?

What’s Really Behind the Plunge in Oil Prices?

Given the recent developments in the price of oil and their implications for the broader market, what follows is an interview with Daniel Lacalle, a specialist in energy and utilities.

Finding Value in Energy with Morningstar’s Jason Stevens

Morningstar’s Jason Stevens discusses the companies and countries best positioned to unlock the potential of trapped oil and gas with fracking.

Fesharaki: Indian Oil and Gas Production Stymied by “Antiquated Policy Making”

India's oil minister recently announced an effort to refresh the two-decade-old estimate of oil and gas reserves. But Fereidun Fesharaki, chairman at FGE, a consulting group focused on oil and gas markets, remains skeptical about efforts to further develop India's gas and oil industries — unless the government allows prices that are competitive with the international market.

Real Energy Independence: Making Oil No Longer “Strategic”

In the United States, there are some big misconceptions among politicians, the media, and the public about reliance on Middle East oil, according to Anne Korin, co-director of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security. Case in point: Recent oil and natural gas discoveries in North America have led US policymakers to mistakenly think this is the solution to all of our problems — that we will no longer be reliant on imports and oil prices will come down. Unfortunately, this is far from reality; prices will continue to be driven by OPEC unless we change factors first on the demand side.

The Next US President and His Geopolitical Challenges

Willis Sparks, an analyst in the global macro practice at Eurasia Group, a global political risk research and consulting firm, recently laid out some of the political fault lines that will shape politics and international finance in the coming years.

Will Political Turmoil in the Middle East Destabilize Global Oil Markets?

There are several short-term threats to stability in the Middle East, as well as a number of longer-term risks that could prove destabilizing to global oil markets.

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