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Weekend Reads: Understanding Haiti and the Business of Philanthropy

Inspired by a recent trip to Haiti, Susan Hoover considers the nation's troubled history as well as its recent travails, the value and efficacy of international aid, and how to optimize charitable giving, in the latest edition of Weekend Reads.

Muhammad Yunus: Charity with a Business Engine

"There is no reason anyone should be poor;," Muhammad Yunus said. "We just need to fix the system so that all are truly reflected in our economy.”

David M. Rubenstein: The Economy, Business, and Making Mom Proud

The Carlyle Group's David M. Rubenstein discussed a broad range of topics at the 69th CFA Institute Annual Conference, from the mating habits of panda bears, to the historical importance of the Magna Carta, to Paul Volcker’s monetary policies in the early 1980s, to Japanese demographics, and beyond.

Maximizing Your Philanthropic Impact

"With charitable giving," Eric Friedman, CFA, tells Sloane Ortel, "if you’re not focused on the evidence behind your approach and the potential outcomes, then you’re flying blind with respect to impact."

A Greater Misuse of Charitable Donations Than Fraud?

It is easy to be outraged at the alleged fraudulent activity of charities like the National Children’s Leukemia Foundation. However, the easiest way to improve charitable giving is for donors to do their research and target their donations to where they will do the most good.

Take 15: Improving Client Service, Increasing Philanthropic Capital (Video)

Jim Coutré, a partner at the Philanthropic Initiative, a nonprofit consulting firm, explains why supporting clients in their philanthropy can be a triple win, benefiting the client, the financial adviser’s practice, and society.

Tools for Handling the Psychology of Family Governance and Intergenerational Wealth Transfer

Money and stress often go hand-in-hand, and advisers are often called upon to help couples and families navigate the thorny emotions surrounding personal finances and wealth transfer

Getting Your Arms — And Those Of Your Clients — Around Effective Philanthropy

Pop quiz: If your client wants to talk to you about effective giving strategies, are you equipped to handle the discussion?

If not, consider this: Wealthy clients are increasingly expecting their advisers to talk about philanthropy. According to the READ MORE ›

Low-Rate Environment Favors “Jackie O” Charitable Lead Trust

With interest rates at record lows, wealth managers who serve charitably minded clients in the United States may want to take a closer look at the merits of a charitable lead trust, a vehicle that is sometimes referred to… READ MORE ›

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