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Essential Listening: Constructive Feedback

How to give better feedback, the challenges of complexity in investing, and why companies like Uber should not wait too long before going public are among the topics covered in this week's roundup of podcasts.

Essential Listening: Taking a Leap

The complex world of adhesives, high-end property appraisals, and start-ups are among the topics explored in Tadas Viskanta's latest roundup of podcasts.

Essential Listening: Bowie Bonds

This week's installment of Essential Listening podcasts includes selections on the collapse of oil and commodity prices, behavioral biases, meditation and mindfulness, and more.

Essential Listening: The Value of Resilience

Podcasts in Tadas Viskanta's latest roundup explore the basics of the fiduciary standard, the rise of behavioral finance, and the decline of the ubiquitous Cavendish banana, among other topics.

Essential Listening: Great Places to Work

There are two potential impediments to podcasting's continued emergence into the mainstream: one is a demographic challenge, the other is the potential limitations of the long-form audio format.

Essential Listening: The Power of Intuition

A new year is a great time to take up some new habits. The following podcasts are a good start to a new listening regime.

Essential Listening: Concrete Discussions

The state of podcasting today in many ways parallels that of blogging in 2004, says Joshua Benton of NiemanLab. If things play out as they did in 2004, he sees the world of podcasting becoming increasingly professionalized and podcast producers growing in stature and size. By and large, Benton believes this will be a net positive for listeners.

Meaningful Private Equity Fund Performance Evaluation

Morten Sorensen and Ravi Jagannathan took on the question of how to effectively evaluate the performance of private equity (PE) funds, and they offered a rigorous theoretical justification for using the public market equivalent (PME).

Essential Listening: Quant Strategies

One of the interesting things about podcasting is that there are a wide variety of forms. Some podcasts are short and of the moment. Some are simply two people talking about a topic. Others are highly produced and edited and seek to maximize the storytelling punch.

Essential Listening: Accurate Forecasters

One of the purposes of the Essential Listening series is to help in discovery, says Tadas Viskanta of Abnormal Returns. Among the challenges facing professionals, including those of us in the investing field, is finding new and interesting content.

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