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Wealth Management in 2017: Oh, the Humanity!

Effective financial advisory firms combine technology’s unique strengths with human insights, and the 2017 CFA Institute Wealth Management Conference explored ways that these combinations can deliver value to clients.

Essential Listening: Constructive Feedback

How to give better feedback, the challenges of complexity in investing, and why companies like Uber should not wait too long before going public are among the topics covered in this week's roundup of podcasts.

Essential Listening: Taking a Leap

The complex world of adhesives, high-end property appraisals, and start-ups are among the topics explored in Tadas Viskanta's latest roundup of podcasts.

Essential Listening: Bowie Bonds

This week's installment of Essential Listening podcasts includes selections on the collapse of oil and commodity prices, behavioral biases, meditation and mindfulness, and more.

Essential Listening: The Value of Resilience

Podcasts in Tadas Viskanta's latest roundup explore the basics of the fiduciary standard, the rise of behavioral finance, and the decline of the ubiquitous Cavendish banana, among other topics.

Roundup: Wealth Management 2013

At CFA Institute’s recent Wealth Management 2013 conference in Boston, one of the overarching themes was helping financial advisers better understand client behavior and successfully manage client relationships.

Current Thinking on Investing in Gold and the Gold Standard

Mark Harrison, CFA, rounds up the latest thinking on gold as an investment and basis for monetary systems.

Soft Skills for Finance: The Power of Influence

What does the word "influence" mean to you? Businesses are increasingly moving towards flat and/or matrix organizational structures and valuing and encouraging collaboration and interdependencies across work groups. The ability to influence in all directions and across all types of relationships is also likewise becoming increasingly important. In this brave new world, influence doesn't simply mean achieving a specific outcome you desire but rather collaborating effectively with and leading others collectively towards commitment, outcomes, and change.

Roundup: CFA Institute Middle East Investment Conference

Social media highlights from the flagship event in the Middle East for CFA Institute, held 25-26 March 2012 in Doha, Qatar.

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