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South Africa

Don’t Underestimate South Africa’s Wealth Market

"People should not underestimate the South African market or write it off due to recent disappointments," Marilize Lansdell tells April J. Rudin.

Weekend Reads: Storytelling, Information Overload, and Chaos Syndrome

Television in South Africa, "living-in-the-web," how US politics got so insane, and "What Happens in the Brain When We Misremember," are among the topics covered in the latest Weekend Reads from Lauren Foster.

African Horizons: Develop a Strategy for Africa Now Before It’s Too Late

Develop a strategy for Africa now before it’s too late, say two experts on investing in Africa. Nathan Jaye, CFA, speaks with Melissa Cook, CFA, and Walé Adeosun, CFA, about the challenges and opportunities offered by the continent — and the biggest risk may be sitting the game out.

Fear of Investing in Africa Is Losing You Money

Africa has 15% of the world's population but controls less than 3% of global GDP. A trio of investment pros make the case that as Africa catches up opportunities will abound for investors.

Underdogs and Entrepreneurs: Does Adversity Create Great Leaders?

How does being an underdog shape a person's mindset? Can adversity push a culture toward adopting a more entrepreneurial spirit?

Book Review: The Effective Investor: The Definitive Guide for All South Africans

Although certain passages of this book are specific to South Africa’s economy and markets, it has broad applicability beyond that country’s borders. A true renaissance man, author Franco Busetti renders the arcana of markets and modern portfolio theory accessible to both the novice investor and the experienced practitioner.

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