Practical analysis for investment professionals


How Technology Enhances Investor Trust

Trust, in some form, is at the center of all financial transactions, and technology can enable and enhance that trust.

Create Trust!

The obligation to act honestly and with competence must be the core of every financial service.

How Can Investment Professionals Build Trust?

What are the building blocks, the practical strategies, with which investment professionals can establish client relationships based on authentic trust? A new Future of Finance study has some answers. Robert Stammers, CFA, explains.

Putting Out Trust Fires

Trust is core to team effectiveness. If it is damaged, team performance will decline. For this reason, treat trust issues as you would kitchen fires: Put them out immediately.

Insights on Trust: What Factors Matter Most?

From short-term greed to a lack of transparency, misaligned interests take on both blatant and subtle forms and lead to an ever-widening trust gap in the wealth management industry. So what are some factors that can foster trust? We asked CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief readers what they thought. Shreenivas Kunte, CFA, analyzes the results.

2013 World Wealth Report: Level of Trust in Wealth Managers And Firms Rises — Slightly

The world's high net worth individuals (HNWIs) expressed increased trust in wealth managers and were generally upbeat about the economic outlook. On the other hand, HNWIs have much less confidence in the markets and regulators.

Trust: The Core of Client Relationship Management

Lim How, the author of two books about motivation, discussed the challenges investment professionals face when building trust with clients and co-workers.

Culture of Integrity Requires Financial Firms to Renew Focus on Middle Management

“Tone at the top” is a mantra that we hear time and again as the cure for the ethical decay that is permeating financial organizations. But if the industry really wants to create a culture of integrity, it must also establish a “tone at the middle.”

The Credibility Gap: The Systemic Implications of Trust (Video)

At the recent Global Investment Risk Symposium, John Taft, head of RBC Wealth Management in the United States and author of READ MORE ›

Markets May Be Up, But Trust Is Still an Issue, Says CFA Institute President and CEO John Rogers, CFA (Video)

"Why don't we feel better that the markets are up this year?" asked John Rogers, CFA, president and CEO of CFA Institute, in an appearance earlier today on Bloomberg TV. The answer: "It's because ethics matter."

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