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Matt Orsagh, CFA, CIPM, is a senior director of capital markets policy at CFA Institute, where he focuses on corporate governance, ESG, and climate change analysis. He writes and speaks frequently on these topics on behalf of CFA Institute. His paper, Climate Change Analysis in the Investment Process was named “Best ESG Paper” by Savvy Investor in 2021.

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Incorporating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Analysis into the Investment Process

While the core of a CFA Program Candidate Body of Knowledge remains stable from year to year, over time candidates and members will discern incremental change.  The evolution of the global investment industry is inevitable, and the body of… READ MORE ›

Say on Pay 2011 Update: 20 Negative Votes and Counting

I’m a bad gambler.

Soon after a mandatory vote on “say on pay” became the law of the land last year, I made a friendly wager with a colleague in the corporate governance world about how many U.S. companies would… READ MORE ›

All Regulation Is Local

The late former U.S. Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill coined the popular slogan “all politics is local” to emphasize that a politician’s success is tied to the ability to understand and address the issues most important to their… READ MORE ›

Financial Crisis Fallout: How Much Longer?

In a recent global survey, CFA Institute members were asked to reflect on the following statement:
The current global credit crisis has severely impacted market trust and confidence. Approximately how long do you believe the impact of the… READ MORE ›

Derivatives Dithering Drives Dilemma

In the just released CFA Institute Financial Market Integrity Outlook Survey (PDF), derivatives reigned supreme as the No. 1 global concern for financial markets. CFA Institute members in eight of the 16 largest markets surveyed indicated that… READ MORE ›

Early Returns from “Say on Pay”

The philosophy behind the creation of the CFA Institute CD&A Template (PDF) was simple: a succinct, plain-English summary of a company’s executive compensation practices to give shareowners all the information they need to make an informed decision… READ MORE ›

Thanks to CFA Institute “CD&A Template,” Compensation Discussion and Analysis No Longer a Sleep Aid

Having trouble sleeping? Here’s a surefire cure: Crack open your average compensation discussion and analysis (CD&A) section from any U.S. company’s 2010 proxy statement, and begin trudging through the obtuse legalese that describes how that company decided to pay… READ MORE ›

With “Say on Pay” Imminent, Issuers Need Better Communication, Investors Better Guidance

According to a recent Towers Watson survey of 135 U.S. publicly traded companies, 51 percent expect to hold annual “say-on-pay” votes, while 39 percent prefer a vote every three years and 10 percent anticipate biennial votes.

Interestingly, nearly… READ MORE ›

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