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Vincent Papa, PhD, CPA, FSA, CFA

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Vincent Papa, PhD, CPA, FSA Credential, CFA, was the director of financial reporting policy at CFA Institute. He was responsible for representing the interests of CFA Institute on financial reporting and on wider corporate reporting developments to major accounting standard setting bodies, enhanced reporting initiatives, and key stakeholders. He is a member of ESMA’s consultative working group for the Corporate Reporting Standing Committee, EFRAG user panel, and a former member of the IFRS Advisory Council, Capital Markets Advisory Committee, and Financial Stability Board Enhanced Disclosure Task Force. Prior to joining CFA Institute, he served in investment analysis, management consulting, and auditing roles.

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Special Accounting for Banks Not Beneficial for Investors

In a recent Reuters article, the Bank of England's Andrew Haldane called for a "radical rethink" of accounting rules for banks. While it's true that banks (especially large ones) pose a significantly greater systemic risk than other industries, Vincent Papa, CFA, finds it hard to see how new bank accounting rules would benefit investors.

Investors Weigh in: Basel Roundtable Discusses Practices for Improving Risk Disclosures

On 9 December, CFA Institute took part in a roundtable on financial institutions risk disclosure that attracted more than 70 participants and observers from constituencies considered pivotal in shaping observed financial reporting practices. They included accounting and audit standard… READ MORE ›

Investor Priorities and Shaping the IASB Agenda for the Next Decade

The last 10 years have seen wide-ranging and intense activity on the accounting standard-setting front, including the convergence project to reduce existing differences between international accounting standards and U.S. GAAP as well as financial crisis-related projects. The last decade… READ MORE ›

Investors: Enhance Financial Instrument Risk Disclosures

CFA Institute has released a study on the need to improve the quality of financial instrument risk disclosures among financial and non-financial institutions. The study comes at a time when investor vulnerability to the risks of on- and… READ MORE ›

The Current State of Financial Instrument Accounting and Reporting: Why Should Investors Care?

On 20 September, CFA Institute conducted a webcast on “The Current State of Accounting and Reporting for Financial Instruments.” Aimed at providing an investor-focused overview of FASB and IASB projects on financial instrument accounting, the discussion comes… READ MORE ›

EU Debt Crisis Highlights Shortcomings of Financial Instrument Accounting

BNP Paribas has reclassified almost all its peripheral Euro-zone sovereign exposures, taking advantage of an accounting provision brought in after the sub-prime crisis that allows banks to move assets into their loans and receivables portfolio if they are deemed… READ MORE ›

Let’s Make the Auditor Report More Informative

Similar to market crises and accountancy-related corporate scandals that have occurred in the past, the extent to which auditors act in the interests of investors has yet again been brought into sharp focus in the aftermath of the 2007-2009… READ MORE ›

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