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Corporate Governance

CorpGov Roundup: A New Index, Say on Pay, Potential Changes to Listing Rules, and More

A new index for tracking the performance of non-state-owned organizations and moves toward taking some steps that are counter to good corporate governance made news in June.

Investors Should be More Skeptical of Executive Compensation Recommendations

Although there have been improvements in executive compensation practices, there are still more improvements that need to be made.

CorpGov Roundup: Gender Diversity, Stewardship Principles, and More

Pushing for gender diversity on boards, adopting stewardship principles, and creating an index to rank firms on their corporate governance are a few of the highlights in corpgov news for May.

CorpGov Roundup: Snap Controversy, Rating CorpGov Performance, CARE, and More

Japan, Malaysia, and UK release updates to their corporate governance codes, and in the US, issues continue to swirl around Snap’s IPO and the Financial Choice Act.

An Assessment of Dual-Class Shares in Brazil: Evidence from the Novo Mercado Reform

Firms that moved to the Novo Mercado single-class structure experienced higher firm performance, but face continuing criticism that reforms did not eliminate the dominance of controlled companies.

CorpGov Roundup: Shareholder Rights a Key Theme

Protections for shareholders and investors are important elements in good corporate governance and are a key theme in corporate governance news in March.

CorpGov Roundup: Hot Topic is Whether Dual Class Shares Should Be Allowed

Highlights in corporate governance in February include countries releasing new protocols, updating their governance codes, and encouraging governance changes to better protect investors.

CorpGov Roundup: Integrated Reporting, Proxies, Stewardship Codes, and More

Highlights in corporate governance from around the globe for January include steps toward coherent corporate reporting systems and the launch of a US stewardship and governance framework.

CorpGov Roundup: Transparency a Common Denominator in Recent Governance Reforms

Highlights in corporate governance from around the globe for November include the adoption of a stewardship code in Brazil and Singapore and the use of proxy access for the first time.

David Pitt-Watson Talks About New Report on Corporate Governance in the EU

A new CFA Institute report reviews the current EU corporate governance policy landscape and the reforms that have been introduced over the past 10 years and offers recommendations for improvement.

CorpGov Roundup: Zombie Directors Out in Canada and UK FCA Seeks Input on Its Mission

The corporate governance highlights from October include a look at shareholder activism, a new report on corporate governance in the EU, and amendments to proxy rules in the US.

CorpGov Roundup: Investors Have Opportunity to Speak Up in Multiple Regions

The corporate governance highlights from September include various regions either enhancing or introducing governance structures for an exchange, institutional investors, and companies in general.

The Current Status of Women on Boards in 2016: A Global Roundup

The percentage of women on boards is increasing, with some countries implementing quotas and more reports coming out that highlight the positive impact gender diversity has on company performance.

CorpGov Roundup: Key Issues Facing Boards in EMEA and Countries Review Corp Gov Codes

August roundup highlights non-executive directors’ views on issues facing boards, countries that are reviewing their corporate governance codes, and ways investors can speak up on corpgov policies.

SEC Seeks Comments on Quality of Disclosures: Important for Investors to Respond

The SEC has released a request for comment on Subpart 400 in Regulation S-K, which focuses on disclosures related to management, certain security holders, and corporate governance.

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