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Executive Compensation

Chesapeake Energy: Investors Fume over Pattern of Poor Corporate Governance

From potential conflicts of interests to a secret hedge fund, more investor concerns are coming to light at Chesapeake Energy. Matt Orsagh, CFA, CIPM, examines this pattern of poor corporate governance practices.

Corporate Governance Update: Complaints Against Deutsche, Olympus; H-P Embraces Proxy Access

Updating the Olympus scandal and Canada’s national securities regulation issue, minority shareholder rights trouble in Brazil, and Hewlett-Packard’s planned vote on proxy access. It’s time to span the corporate governance globe to review important developments from the month of April.

Shareowners and Citigroup Differ on Cost of Retaining Vikram Pandit

Following shareholders’ rebuff Citigroup’s play plan, Matt Orsagh, CFA, looks at what the Wall Street bank could have done differently.

Corporate Governance Update: Goldman Gives in, Say-on-Pay Fever Spreads, and JOBS Act Leaves Investors Cold

From the JOBS Act and Goldman’s change in board structure to short-termism and “say-on-pay” developments, the U.K. and U.S. dominated corporate governance headlines in the month of March.

Corporate Governance Update: Apple and Olympus Make News

Updating the Olympus scandal, surprising news from Apple, and tough new regulations in Australia: A look at corporate governance news from around the globe.

Global Corporate Governance: What Happened in 2011 and What to Expect in 2012

We don’t wish to play favorites here, so we won’t look at any single corporate governance development as more important than another. So let’s review alphabetically, by country:

Australia: In 2011, the “two-strikes rule” (Corporations Amendment Bill 2011)… READ MORE ›

New Year’s Resolution: Better CEO Compensation Disclosure in 2012

Last week GovernanceMetrics International (GMI) published its 2011 CEO Pay Survey highlighting changes in compensation levels for CEOs of U.S. companies in 2010. In the days following the survey’s release it was hard to avoid headlines decrying… READ MORE ›

Vote Early, Vote Often: Mark Your Ballot for the Worst in Disclosure for 2011

One of the joys of the year end is sifting through the interminable “best of/ worst of” wrap-ups found in seemingly every print or web publication. Whether you love or loathe this end-of-year tradition, we have a treat for… READ MORE ›

Will “Say on Pay” Go Global, or Has It Already?

Much of the focus in this year’s global proxy season has been on the advisory vote on pay —more colloquially known as “say on pay” — in the United States. With thousands of companies facing a vote on executive… READ MORE ›

Say on Pay 2011 Update: 20 Negative Votes and Counting

I’m a bad gambler.

Soon after a mandatory vote on “say on pay” became the law of the land last year, I made a friendly wager with a colleague in the corporate governance world about how many U.S. companies would… READ MORE ›

Inviting Trouble

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission recently issued a draft of its proposed executive compensation rules. Like their regulatory brethren in the banking sector, the Commission was commanded by Sec. 956 of Dodd-Frank… READ MORE ›

Preparing CD&A for “Say on Pay”

Just in time for the 2011 proxy season — and the Dodd-Frank mandated “say-on-pay” rules — CFA Institute has released the Compensation Discussion and Analysis Template (PDF). Based on input from issuer and… READ MORE ›

Early Returns from “Say on Pay”

The philosophy behind the creation of the CFA Institute CD&A Template (PDF) was simple: a succinct, plain-English summary of a company’s executive compensation practices to give shareowners all the information they need to make an informed decision… READ MORE ›

Financial Services Pay Reform — Blunt Force Trauma

Previously in this space, we highlighted the fact that Wall Street and Bond Street — and any other street where finance fat cats live and work — may soon face new “rules of the road” when it comes to… READ MORE ›

Thanks to CFA Institute “CD&A Template,” Compensation Discussion and Analysis No Longer a Sleep Aid

Having trouble sleeping? Here’s a surefire cure: Crack open your average compensation discussion and analysis (CD&A) section from any U.S. company’s 2010 proxy statement, and begin trudging through the obtuse legalese that describes how that company decided to pay… READ MORE ›

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