Views on improving the integrity of global capital markets

Fiduciary Duty

DOL Unveils Fiduciary Rules: One Step Forward for Investors

Labor Department takes innovative approach by sidestepping many thorny issues that plagued earlier proposals, but questions remain.

Fiduciary Faceoff: America’s Investment Industry at Critical Juncture

We have reached that inevitable point where we have to decide which is more important: the interests of our clients or our own narrow self-interests.

Fiduciary Duty Debate: Salespeople Are Not Investment “Advisers”

It's time to remove ambiguity around “personal investment advice” while permitting different business and service models.

Labor Department’s Pending Fiduciary Proposal Signals Tighter Broker Rules Ahead

Labor Department’s long-delayed proposal is the latest development in a long, winding path to raising investment advice standards.

Are You a Visionary Director? A Checklist for Building Shareholder Value

Best practices for sound corporate stewardship and effective communication with stakeholders to foster stronger, more resilient firms.

Corp Gov Roundup: Coca-Cola vs. Buffett, “Say on Pay,” Fiduciary Duty

Spanning the corporate governance globe to review important developments from April.

Restricting Investment Sales Inducements: Impact of Reform, Other Mis-selling Solutions

CFA Institute report examines markets that have banned inducements (UK and Australia) and those favoring increased transparency over an outright ban.

Take 15: Olympus Whistleblower Michael Woodford on Need for Corporate Ethics (Video)

Ousted Olympus CEO stresses the importance of fiduciary duty, honesty, and trust in corporate culture.

SEC Fiduciary Rule: Putting the Focus back on Investors

If the SEC decides to raise investment advice standards for brokers, will it dilute the stringent standard that currently applies to investment advisers?

D.C. Policy Update: Dodd-Frank, Fiduciary-Duty Rule, Fannie/Freddie Reform

Jim Allen, CFA, discusses the challenges of implementing the Dodd-Frank Act without a technical corrections bill, and where CFA Institute stands on the SEC’s potential fiduciary-duty rule and mortgage-market reform of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Fearless Fiduciary: SAC Scandal and Bad Financial Actors: Like “The Hangover Part III,” Let’s Hope This Is the End

Does the SAC scandal represent a Wall Street tipping point in which there are serious business consequences to bad behavior and investors are no longer willing to let things slide?

Should All Financial Advice Providers be Required to Put Client Interests First?

The issue of creating a uniform fiduciary standard of conduct for investment advisers and broker-dealers in the U.S. has been hotly debated in recent years, and the SEC is now seeking input for a potential uniform fiduciary standard of conduct.

Making the Integrity List: Restoring Investor Trust in the Financial Markets

CFA Institute continually promotes strong personal responsibilities; the CFA Institute Integrity List offers 50 ways to restore investor trust and stresses the importance of members placing their clients’ interests before their own. When renowned British economist and chair of the Kay Review of U.K. Equity Markets and Long-Term Decision Making John Kay writes an editorial article on the topic, you know you are in good company.

Short-Selling Investment Research Firms like Muddy Waters: Manipulating or Aiding the Market?

Over the past couple of years, short seller Muddy Waters LLC and similar research firms have broken out from obscurity by exposing alleged fraud and false accounting in companies like Sino-Forest, Focus Media Holding, Orient Paper, China MediaExpress, and others.

The Fearless Fiduciary: A Sad Narrative — Rampant Mis-Selling of Financial Products

One of the perpetual ethics issues facing the finance industry is the general theme of mis-selling of financial products. CFA Institute has been tracking the issue in annual polls and commenting on possible fixes for years. The sad truth is many financial professionals may not even know they are doing it. This is your year-end reminder to tune up your act.

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