Views on improving the integrity of global capital markets

Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®)

74% of Top 100 Global Asset Management Firms Claim GIPS Compliance

Those firms represent 60% (more than $46 trillion) of the world’s assets under management ($78 trillion).

The GIPS Standards and Alternatives: CalPERS Takes Notice, Others Likely to Follow

As alternative investment strategies become mainstream, complying with the GIPS standards will help alternatives managers stand out from the crowd.

Understanding Investor Behavior and Managing Risk (Video)

Dan diBartolomeo discusses behavioral aspects of risk in financial markets, including how individual behavior shapes the way industry deals with risk and common risk measures that are potentially useful but often misunderstood.

Investment Risk and Fees: Annual GIPS Conference Highlights

Experts who share best practices and speak to key issues and major developments in the performance measurement field make this conference essential for any performance or compliance professional.

New Disclosure Guide Is Resource for GIPS-Compliant Firms, and Regulators, Verifiers

Why is this tool needed? What specific industry need does it respond to? How will it be used?

Errors Can Happen: How to Deal with Them As a GIPS-Compliant Firm

CFA Institute survey reveals how GIPS-compliant firms are identifying and dealing with errors in compliant presentations.

Overview of Top 10 GIPS Compliance Issues Ends with a KISS

Topping the list of GIPS standards compliance problems: inadequate documentation of policies and procedures.

SEC to Investment Firms: ‘Stakes High to Get GIPS Compliance Right’ (Video)

SEC’s Bowden: False claims of GIPS compliance, verification, and performance can lead to civil & criminal penalties.

Have the GIPS Standards Reached an Inflection Point?

The investment industry may be headed toward a future where GIPS-compliant presentations are seen more frequently than noncompliant ones.

Is Your Investment Firm GIPS Compliant? Enquiring Minds Need to Know

Why collect this information? Many are curious about the state of GIPS compliance and the competitive implications of these trends.

New GIPS Standards Compliance Requirement: Make Your Voice Heard

The GIPS Executive Committee is seeking public comments on the proposed requirement that firms claiming compliance with the GIPS standards notify CFA Institute.

Why Investment Performance Standards Matter

The GIPS standards are gaining global momentum as investors demand greater transparency when comparing and evaluating investment managers in the aftermath of the financial crisis.

Coming Soon: Guidance Statement for Applying the GIPS Standards to Asset Owners

The GIPS standards revolve, in large part, around presenting performance to prospective clients and were written with firms in mind that have prospective clients. The upcoming guidance statement was developed because asset owners do not have prospective clients.

The Role of Data Analytics in SEC Fraud Investigations

How the SEC uses data analytics in the post-Madoff era to detect fraud, including front running, insider trading, and fraudulent investment performance reporting.

Coming Soon: GIPS Standards Guidance for “Pooled Fund” Managers

Guidance will apply to both retail and institutional pooled funds, and recommend strategies for building greater recognition for the GIPS standards within the pooled fund market.

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