Views on improving the integrity of global capital markets


What Investors Need to Know about Accounting for Joint Ventures

What can investors expect from the IASB's new accounting requirements for jointly controlled entities, including joint ventures?

Financial Statement Presentation and Disclosure: How will IASB Proposal Affect Change?

The IASB recently issued a discussion paper that proposes introducing a new section on presentation and disclosure into the conceptual framework for financial reporting.

Investor Education: IASB Plugs Loopholes in Off-Balance Sheet Accounting (Video)

The recent financial crisis shed light on several loopholes in off-balance sheet accounting that affected transparency for investors.

IASB Investor Education Initiative: What Should Investors Expect? (Video)

Fred Nieto discusses the goals and priorities of the IFRS Education Initiative.

Accounting for Agricultural Assets: to Fair Value or Not to Fair Value

A recent IASB proposal suggests removing the requirement to measure certain biological assets at fair value, which would provide a major disservice to investors.

CFA Institute Supports Balance Sheet Recognition of Leases

To address the improvements needed in lease accounting, the IASB and FASB, through a joint revised exposure draft, have proposed the capitalization of all leases with the exception of short-term and immaterial leases.

CFA Institute Survey: Investors Weigh in on FASB and IASB Expected Credit Loss Models

Investors support a converged model and enhanced disclosures given their desire for comparable and consistent financial statements.

Assessing Financial Reporting Transparency of Securitization Transactions

The financial crisis highlighted a range of shortcomings associated with the recognition, measurement, and disclosures of transferred financial assets, including those involving securitized assets.

Large, Complex Financial Institutions: Investors Need Better OTC Derivative Disclosure

Have the raft of regulatory proposals requiring greater use of central counterparty clearing houses enhanced risk transparency and risk management at the systemic level and within individual financial institutions?

CFA Institute Survey: Weigh in on IASB-FASB Proposal to Overhaul Lease Accounting

Survey results will inform CFA Institute position and input to standard setters.

European Bank Reporting: Investors Should be Wary of Reclassified Financial Assets

As the economic crisis play out in Europe, an important question for investors is how sovereign debt exposure may have affected the recently reported performance of systemically important banks.

Bank Regulatory Capital: Brewing Storm over Basel III Removal of Financial Reporting Information Filter

It remains challenging for investors to fully anticipate the consequences of forthcoming bank regulatory requirements, especially across interrelated strands of regulation. A case in point is a Basel III requirement eliminating filters relating to financial reporting information.

IFRS Interpretations Committee: More Relevant and Active Than Investors Might Expect

After my first meeting as a member of the International Financial Reporting Standards Interpretations Committee (IFRS IC) in July, it was apparent to me that the activities and decisions of the IFRS IC are more relevant to investors than they might anticipate.

Bank Financial Reporting: “The Cause Is Hidden, but the Result Is Well Known”

Are you the trusting sort? How about when it comes to trusting banks some six years after the financial crisis? You should consider reading The Atlantic’s recent article “What’s Inside America’s Banks?” on why many in the investment world, and the general public, still don’t trust banks.

Optional Use of IFRS and Private Company Standards: Both Reduce Comparability in U.S. Financial Reporting

Last week, Hans Hoogervorst, chairman of the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), made the case for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to allow the optional use of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) by U.S. publicly listed companies.

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