Views on improving the integrity of global capital markets

Sovereign Debt

Will Stability Bonds Save the Eurozone?

While repeated high-level summits of European leaders have failed to solve the sovereign debt crisis, EU public servants continue to explore possible ways to foster financial stability. The most daring proposal is the common issuance of sovereign bonds among Member States.

Corporate Governance Update November 2011: Canada Sets High Bar. Australia Throws First Strikes.

Europe — Corporate Governance Changes in the Midst of the Sovereign Debt Crisis

Given the trajectory of headlines around the European financial crisis, by the time you read this post, the EU may not exist as an economic union. But… READ MORE ›

Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News: the Decline of Finance

As if the stalemate in the Super Committee weren’t enough to worry U.S. investors, speakers at the recent Investing Conference held at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business (co-sponsored by CFA Institute) were abundantly clear that this… READ MORE ›

Professional Investors to Super Committee: You Flunk

The U.S. deficit stalemate is a pathetic display — so say a broad range of investment professionals in a recent CFA Institute survey on the Super Committee bust. The bi-partisan committee was charged with determining $1.2 trillion in budget… READ MORE ›

Time to Pay the Piper: European Debt Bailout on the Backs of Taxpayers

The Greek-inspired debt crisis has all the elements of what has gone wrong in so many parts of the West. Governments over-promised and overspent, borrowing massive sums along the way, sometimes without telling their citizens or even hiding what… READ MORE ›

Tough Medicine to Swallow?

The European Commission released a new consultation today on credit ratings agencies, continuing the post-crisis reform trajectory that began with the “CRA Regulation” (Regulation EC 1060/2009) which comes into full effect next month…. READ MORE ›

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